Sunday, December 23, 2007

allow me to re-introduce myself

hey y'all. my name is asha, pronounced like tasha without the "t". i'm from queens (by ways of panama, jamaica and barbados) but i live in brooklyn now. i'm definitely my mother's daughter (you'll read a lot about peaches later), a mother, a sister, an intense lover and a great friend. a novelist in the making/poet, an eternal student and teacher, a dancer, chocolate lover, and lover of music - 90s hip-hop, house music - not club, all of the native tongue and soulquarians crews and all of their influences in particular. while most think i am very middle of the road and "wheatbread", i love extremes but please don't call me a drama queen. i'm in my "dirty 30s" but most times, i don't feel like an adult at all.

HUD crew, i told you this was coming! lol

now, unlike my younger self, i will not indulge in TMI right away. i've learned to pace myself...ok, well i try. i'll start by giving the newbies a heads-up.

for those of you who don't really know me, i'm the incidental
zagats among my family and friends. "hey ash, where should we go to eat after seeing a musical? and by the way, can you recommend a good one that even a hater of musicals will like?" "what should i get for my son's stepmother for christmas? i really appreciate how she treats my son and i feel sorry for her since she's still with his father (ugh)."

after subscribing to various random clothing, lifestyle, and entertainment sites, i love sorting through them to cull my fav lists. and if you really know me, you know how i am with lists. (see
High Fidelity)

i'm also the resident counselor, advisor and
confidante. before i started my love affair with my Sidekick and texting, it wasn't unusual for me to get calls at all hours of the night. "asha! you awake?! i just saw charlene's man with tami! they're sitting in the booth next to me. should i let tami know that i see them? should i call charlene?" "hen, i just found out that my girlfriend is pregnant but i was just gonna break up with her. what should i do?" "my boyfriend said he is gonna give me a dirty lawnchair. can he get it at target?" that being said, while this blog will include some of my random thoughts, bits of advice, and rants, i will also include some of my favorite people, places and things. welcome to my circle!


Fatumata said...

Thanks for allowing me to enter into Asha's world. Great self-analysis, you certainly took the words out of my mouth. You are a phenenomenal woman that inspires me tremendously.

cindy said...

you are a nut job lol