Thursday, February 14, 2008

peace poetry

this is not how i'm feeling today but i wanted to post. let me know how i think.

They just don’t know…

after the last time I sat up all night
wondering if
the last time I saw you
the last time

my friends confessed that they didn’t
know what I saw in you

them my girls and all
but I don’t tell them everything

how I can pick you outta a crowd during rush hour because your aura shines so bright to me
and how laughing at people’s everyday foolishness is one of our many guilty pleasures
and how you make my brain click on after having to dumb down so long
or how I feel like the Original Virgin when you move my hair outta my face
or how my body blooms when you call me baby in that…voice
or how your accents make me cream
or how the warmth of your chest against my back melts that cold wall I put up some times

didn’t tell them any of that
they wouldn’t understand those things
those things that we do in the privacy of our togetherness

I don’t complain a lot
or even go into detail about our stuff
They just see my you-induced highs and lows
and being the good girlfriends they are
I guess they assume
that my tears are hurt tears – “he done her wrong” tears
when in fact
they’re just sad tears
tears of uncertainty
from wishing you’d come back to me


Ms. Aja B. said...

Not sure how I ended up on your blog, but I was supposed to because that poem describes exactly how I am feeling about a person in my life right now...

*sighs & smiles*

Thank you, Sis, for sharing this. Love your writing & looking forward to reading more.

asha said...

thanks for stopping by, aja. i'm glad you like my work and happy that you could relate. i hope you take some time to check out my other posts. let me know what you think.