Wednesday, October 29, 2008

if you're an anglophile, you will love the upcoming target first saturday at the brooklyn museum. london calling will bring a documentary about election day, a film about an interracial, same-sex couple's struggle for love and success in england, as well as, singing sculptures and electronica pop performances by british artists, and the famous dance party to Brit pop, northern soul, new wave, beat, and British indie music. sounds like fun. you can really get into the spirit of things if you show up in an a-line mini-dress, colorful tights, cute flats or platforms and a fabulous modern bob. how mod! since this will be on nov. 1st. and halloween will be over, i don't wanna see any amy winehouse costumes. please, please leave the beehives & crackpipes at home, lol.

and after, if you're still jonesin' for something brit, hit the theater to see rockNrolla (although the reviews haven't been that great, my movie crush idris elba is in it!) or go home to enjoy snatch or lock, stock and two smoking barrels (i LUV these movies!)


Ms. Aja B. said...

Girl, Idris Elba is just all TYPES of sexy! Everytime the commercial for that new movie comes on I keep asking myself if he alone is worth going to see it.

He just might be... :)

asha said...

aja, you ain't never lie! not only is he sexy but he seems so real and within reach. running into him at some fabulous party in the city or even on the streets of clinton hill in brooklyn is a real possibility. and then that damn accent! as my girl pH would say, "lawd, hold my mule!"

VOD said...

Hold my mule indeed. Mr. Elba is fine as hell.

That 1st Saturday thing sounds interesting. I just might check it out.