Friday, January 18, 2008

oh schadenfreude, sweet joy!

even though the muslim ninja jews get on my nerves, this was refreshing. i can only take them in small doses but i haven't seen them in a while so i was able to enjoy this. what possessed homegirl to stop to listen to them, much less, to try to engage them in a debate?

proof positive that some people enjoy the fire.

like most bleeding heart, liberal white folk, she must have craved absolution through pain of torture. that's why they'll sit in the front row at def comedy jam (or worse, comic view, ugh!). that's why they volunteer for two tours with peace corps in africa or south america instead of participating in local grassroots organizations to help the poor people they pass daily on 125th. st. that's a whole 'nother conversation but back to her...i almost feel sorry for her.

by the way, thank you nOvaSlim for putting me on to schadenfreude and urban dictionary.

1 comment:

VOD said...

LOL! I'm pasiing that shit along!

(But was he not speaking the truth for the most part?)