Friday, January 18, 2008

arguing with fools

forwarded to me by my girl pH:

An adminstrator friend in the Multicultural Dept. of Niagara U went to Urban Dictionary and found the rumor to be a hoax. Here is the deal: Black people don't often define street terms online. They are far too regional and outdate too fast. I know some people do it, but who do you believe?????????

Soulja Boy Debunks "Superman Dat Hoe" Rumors
November 15th, 2007 Author: Anthony Springer Jr

In the midst of controversy surrounding an internet rumor, Soulja Boy—the teenaged chart topping rapper who struck gold with the infectious single "Crank Dat"—recently spoke with to clarify the meaning of the dance that took him from obscurity to stardom.
"Superman is just a dance," he says in response to the speculation. "I heard about the e-mails going around and…basically, they trying to just stop my shine."
Several weeks ago, the Internet was goin nuts (© Paul Wall) over an alleged hidden meaning behind "Crank Dat" and it's song lyrics. In the ring tone hit, Soulja Boy encourages people doing the dance to "Superman dat ho," a line some believe has sexual connotations.

Urban Dictionary's website defines the term as the following: "when you ejaculate on a girls back then put a blanket on her so when she stands up the blanket sticks
therefore making her look like she has a cape." Not only does the 17-year-old
rapper deny the Internet definition, he says the haters are too late, as the
dance is old news. "'Superman,' 'Crank That' [is] old. You can tell whoever
wrote that was intending to stop my shine. The way they wrote words…it was
professionally typed. Ain't nobody doing nothing like that. At the end of the
day, they just came too late with the rumor." While the song is still remains in
the top ten on the charts, Soulja Boy is busy promoting his second single, the
I-15 featured "Soulja Girl". "We're on to 'Soulja Girl.' We're on to the
second single. [Crank Dat] is slowly fading away. You tried, but it's too

Soulja Boy is also garnering praise from some of Hip Hop's elite. In the
latest issue of XXL magazine, Scarface lauds Mr. Collipark's latest find for his
success with younger audiences and his marketing savvy. "I can't say nothin'
bad about his music, 'cause the kids like it," the Houston vet remarked.
"My daughter thinks he's the best rapper in the world. My kids don't like my
shit, so that tells you something right there. Tell that dude to call me. He
could do my MySpace page, 'cause I need one. I want that little dude to blow me
up on MySpace like he blew up. I'm being real as fuck. He got that MySpace shit
goin' nuts."

i have so much to say about that that i don't even know where to start. first of all, urban dictionary is a website where anyone can post definitions of known words and phrases or their own made-up words and phrases. it is not merriam-webster. that being said, was the definition created before dude came out with the song? was it a local joke that made it to the internet months, maybe years later and it coincided with the song? what came first - the stupid ass song or the nasty definition which i find funny and not because of its crudeness. ok maybe because of its crudeness. but that shit is hilarious to me.

now, i have always thought that white boys have a knack for naming sexual terms and creating terminology for outlandish things that may not even be doable in real life, thus part of the joke (see
facial, dirty sanchez, dirty elvis, spidermanin', cleveland steamer, cincinatti bowtie, birmingham booty call, rusty trombone, donkey punch, etc. the list goes on and on). the other part of the joke lies in the fact that they usually come up with some well thought out term. points for creativity. now i know that no-one even said that a white boy made up or even posted the definition in debate but if you read any of the terms with sexually explicit definitions, images of stereotypical, crazy white boys come to mind - think animal house, van wilder, superbad, etc.

secondly, did anyone catch souljah boy's defense? "The way they wrote words…it was professionally typed. Ain't nobody doing nothing like that." by professionally typed, he means that the words were spelled right and if you've heard his
"music" you know that he did not/could not have posted that definition. and aren't we talking about something that's online? of course it was typed but professional? i doubt that. and as for the poster trying to "take his shine", could the debated definition really cause any more damage than the original song? whether "supermanin' a hoe" is what the definition says or something else, i mean, c'mon, you're doing something to a hoe and as an advocate, i CANNOT abide by anything being done to hoes.

afterthought: would someone please help scarface with his myspace page. i mean, damn, dude is historic, figuratively and literally. almost everything online is idiot-proof. excuses for being a
techno-tard are no longer accepted. and isn't it sad that his own kids don't know good music?! worst yet, mr. springer seems to think that scarface endorsed souljah boy. didn't he just say that he couldn't say anything bad about him. i think that falls into the "if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all" category.

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