Monday, January 7, 2008

the countdown has begun

ok, who did not indulge in the foolishness that is the "i love ny" reunion show? shaking my head. i have no words. i laughed (at it and his french fries) and laughed (at the entertainer and his mess - he needs his own show) and laughed some more (as tailor made almost caught it onstage - who ever said that white men can't jump?!) and then as it ended, it hit me. i've seen the impact that ticking clock has had on some of my girls, whether it's the maternal clock or the wedding clock. but i never thought that i'd be one of those women that were affected by seeing another woman getting married (or engaged, in this case). let me tell you, before the credits were rolling i was feeling crazy. to cut to the chase, i was hatin'...on a fictional character! <cue wendy's dramatic music>

no, i was not hatin' on tiffani aka ny because she was about asphyxiate herself with her implants. nor was i hatin' on her ability to resort to childish behavior like showing her ass (literally!!!) whenever she heard someting she didn't like. yes, yes. i know that the whole show is staged; that most of the contestants are actors or wannabes. but truth be told, as sad it sounds, i heard my ego say, "why not me?" chalk it up to my approaching birthday. i mean, 30 something is a major deal. maybe it's because it's the beginning of the year and i'm thinking about what it could hold. or maybe i'm just PMSin', i dunno. i need to work this out or else i'm gonna be tearing up at the pampers cruisers and the kay jewelers commercials. as my girl pH would say, "lawd, hold my mule!"


VOD said...

I can't bring myself to watch that foolishness. I tried to watch it once and after 2 minutes (yes, 2 minutes) I had to turn it off.

I know that feeling though. Although I have somewhat extreme views on relationships, it annoys the HELL out of me when I see bimbos.... I mean.... women like her get married or get men so easily. I guess I have to do stuff like that to get one of my own, huh. *scowls*

Yes, hold my mule.

cindy said...

hey i mean sometimes i am hatin when i see single people. however i totally feel you when i see these chicks on the tv that get everything they want and dont need it has me think sometimes like damn whats wrong with me.