Wednesday, January 16, 2008

manic monday...the extended remix

hey y'all. i know that i was gonna try to post something every other day but things have been kinda hectic at my clark kent job. ok, maybe that's not fair. i love helping people help themselves but i hate dealing with all of the b.s. bureaucratic tape, trying to access services that in theory are supposed to help those in need but in fact, just fucks them up even more. but let me not preach. i just need to breathe.

relax, relate, of my girls put me onto to this hot spot in brooklyn - body by brooklyn spa and lounge. you may have heard about it already, and if you have, i'm mad at you for not sharing! their motto is "massage & martini". so when you explore this site, make sure you have a sip with you. wear something soft and comfortable and luxuriate in the experience (imagine how much better it would be at the spa!). go through it thoroughly and let it sink in. i'm definitely with it. who's down?!

while i'm thinking about luxuriating, let me share another spot - the polish bar of brooklyn. polish, as in let me get my nails done, not the big lebowski or the wachowski brothers. while a mani/pedi costs a little more than at your local spot, i'm pretty sure the experience will be less harrowing - you won't have to fight for nexts, you won't have to deal with hoodrats yelling at your korean nail technician like the higher volume will make them understand that yes, she does want her name, glitter and a swirl design on each finger & toe. and you won't have to decline the bootleg parade. (side note: when has it become alright to buy colored contacts from some random dude? it's not a fake louis vuitton, that shit's supposed to go into your eye!) anyway, i most spas are doing now, the polish bar has all sorts of polish parties. they even have a manicure and martini party. hmmm, that seems to be a recurring idea. i think i'll have a martini when i get home. cheers!

p.s. i promised myself that i would spend more time taking care of myself so i'll be going to one or both of these spots soon. hit me if you're interested. let's make it a family affair. oh yeah, if you can recommend any other places, please share.

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