Saturday, June 14, 2008

r. kelly acquittal discussion continues

my girl: i hear you Riley!!!!! i didn't get to hear Wendy Williams today but i bet it sound like your commentary.

the funny thing is that he is not ALLEGEDLY the 1st nor the last celebrity to sleep with a minor. the only reason why it will not be publicize is because no one is going to tape themselves doing it. sorry but i am a Kelly fan when it comes to his music. i dont condone anyone who hurts children in anyway shape or form. IF he indeed has a problem, i hope that he gets help for it.

only R.Kelly and the HIGHER BEING knows what really happened.

so do you think Michael Jackson should have gone to jail? how about O.J.? Kobe?

me: m.j., yes. o.j., yes. kobe, i don't know. rape cases are very iffy, especially when it supposedly started out consensual. only the people involved know if one of the parties said stop. when you take race and which side society thinks i should pick because of my race out of the equation, it gets a little clearer. the o.j. case was only as big as it was because he was a high-profile black athlete married to a white woman. society would've united quicker and then lost interest faster if his wife was black. (sidenote: some small part of every black person rejoiced when o.j. got off, not because murder should be celebrated but because it was the first time people could remember a black man beating the system at its own game. add the whole dynamics of some black men subconsciously choosing to be with white women as some kind of payback and it made the situation even more bittersweet.) the whole m.j. thing is always a hot discussion because not only does it involves a global superstar that happens to be black but it also involves little boys, most of which are white. white america could care less who r. kelly is peeing on, as long as it's not some white chick. the only reason they paid attention now is to see how black america responded. so the next time black america is calling for justice for some atrocity, best believe they are gonna play the race card before we do.

the difference to me between the r. kelly case and the o.j. case, besides the fact that r. kelly didn't kill anyone, is the race of the victim. if people still want to look at r. kelly's case as another example of a black man getting off, consider the victim was a 14 year old black girl. that makes all the difference to me.

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VOD said...

Ahhh yes, THAT conversation. In 100% agreement with you.