Friday, June 13, 2008

r. kelly acquitted on all charges when i wish that he really was trapped in a closet

i awoke from a nap to find this in my mailbox - Jury acquits R. Kelly of all counts - Yahoo! News WTF is wrong with people?! of course, this begged for discussion.

my girl : i told you Chicago loves R. Kelly to much to see him go down. i cant wait to see the Boondocks do a skit on the trial! R.Kelly is probably about to make the best music of his life now. i am not gonna front, it would have been horrible to see him have to go to jail.

me (typed with disgust): his ass needs to go to jail. he needed counseling for the act itself (and all the other examples of his deviancy - marrying aaliyah, all the innuendo about sex with little girls in his songs and allegedly trying to pin it on his brother) but he needs to be in jail for the blatant lying. everyone's expecting him to come out with the next i believe i can fly and that negro is gonna go right back to trapped in the closet. if this was a priest, would black people actually be protesting for his acquittal with their only justification being that he can make a hit record?! please! when it comes down to it, he just made songs that i could shake my ass too...and i stopped listening/supporting anything r. kelly a long time ago.

aaron mcgruder called it and while i laughed and shook my head then, somewhere deep down inside, i knew that it could happen. i just hoped and prayed that people recognized their foolishness in time and called it as it was. but no. black people rallied around an unworthy cause again...just when i thought that things were changing for the better. damn.


VOD said...

Yep. We rally for the most ridiculous bullshit, but when it comes to real issues we want to back off and say "it ain't my business".

I honestly believed that he'd get charged. Once again, I was disappointed.

Aaron McGruder already did a skit on the trial. His prediction was correct.

asha said...

yeah, and i didn't want to believe that it could happen.

Ms. Aja B. said...

I also felt that Chicago would come to bat for Kelly and would make sure that he walked. There were women outside the courthouse supposedly every DAY in support of him. So it didn't surprise me.

R. Kelly needs help. I'm sorry that the jury didn't realize that. I'm sorry that HE doesn't realize that.