Thursday, July 10, 2008

i think very deeply

hey fam. i've been writing a lot, just not here, lol. my bad. in any event, in between my original posts, i will posts links to some of my favorite blogs by other people where i usually comment. i'm not being lazy. sometimes, great minds think alike and it makes no sense to repeat topics. that being said, here is some of my personal favs.

an excerpt from my response to a cup - it would be nice if we knew that there was a magic age at which we'd figure everything out but that would make life a race to that age and you'd miss out on the fun and important lessons along the way.

an excerpt from my response to jesse jackson's desire to "cut [obama's] nuts out - keep hope alive, jesse. your love child is calling you. a week after my comment, kenrya expanded upon my general gist and was a little nicer. sorry jesse, i'm still not feeling you.

an excerpt from my response to The "T" Word - and as for your aversion to therapy, you’ve already started so keep up the posts…and my bill’s in the mail, lol.

shout-outs to d from a belle in brooklyn and bundy and the rest of the parlour fam.

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