Wednesday, September 3, 2008

something to do...


i'm all about supporting my sistahs and if you're my fam, i know that you do too. so that being said, check out the reel sisters uptown film festival on september 14th. for only $5. this all-day festival will feature short films created by sistahs. show your support. make it a girls' day out. bring your little cousin and show her that we can be more and do more than be eye candy in the background of some dude's video. we needn't wait until march to show sisterly love.

Hello, baby, New York City girl/You grew up ridin' the subways/running with people/Up in Harlem, down on Broadway/You're no tramp, but you're no lady/talkin' that street talk You're the heart and soul of New York City

native new yorkers and transplants, 20at20 is providing a great opportunity to have a authentic NY experience- going to Broadway. well, ok. off-Broadway, lol. from september 2nd. to the 14th., you can see some great off-Broadway plays for only $20. who's going with me to see fela!?

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VOD said...

I get the Reel Sisters newsletter and unfortunately I can't go that day because my aunt's wedding is that day and I'm in the wedding.

I can, however, go see Fela!. It depends on what day you want to go though. I also want to see My First Time and Stomp!.