Wednesday, August 6, 2008

showing bk love

listening to that hump.

hey fam. it feels like days since i've sent out an email blast or blog. actually, it has been. (i think it's too late to post my opinion about the erykah badu concert at wingate. i'm pretty sure it's been covered too death. needless to say, i loved it.)

blame my job, which is a nexus of bureaucratic bullshit and non-profit scrambling. of course i could've done it from home but i prefer to reverse telecommute. it breaks up the monotony and helps me get through the day without going postal. i guess it helps that i'm the supervisor. anyway, since the tech at my job is cooperating today, i resumed my normal routine, browse my fave blog sites while drinking some bustelo. imagine my surprise when i stumbled across the rock the block event coming up this weekend. as most of you know that while i love brooklyn, i am a transplant. not from out of state - i'm from queens, the other end of linden blvd. anyway, i'm really looking forward to this event. it's being touted as a showcase for the emerging brooklyn renaissance.

also in brooklyn, ailey II will be performing at the prospect park bandshell on thursday, 8/7 at 8pm. i wanted to check that out because they are also offering free dance clasess before the performance but i may have to miss this because there will be a prince/stevie wonder tribute concert at marcus garvey park uptown from 7 to 8:30pm. the jungle brothers performed last night out in red hook but i still remember "straight outta brooklyn" so i didn't go, lol. did anyone go? what else is going on in nyc this week?

sorry for the glitch


VOD said...

Friday August 8, 2008
9 p.m. - until
Show at 10 p.m.

Brooklyn's One and Only Monthly
Fusion of Fashion and Music
Featuring New York's Upcoming Designer's
followed by
The Hottest DJ's Spinning
Reggae-Soul-Hip Hop Classics-Afro Beat
@ Deity/368 Atlantic Ave..Downtown Brooklyn

August Feature's Designer's
Nacinimod Deodee

DJ Reborn Spinning in the Cellar Lounge
DJ Scientific In The Upstairs Courtyard Lounge

Fashion Strut 10p.m.

RED BAMBOO brooklyn

Grab a Seat In The Indoor Courtyard
And Sip One Of Deity's Original Drinks
And Catch The Show


Slip Downstairs To The Cellar
Or Hang Out In The Courtyard Lounge
For Brooklyn's Hottest DJ's
Spinning Until The Wee Hours

I bought a dress from the woman hosting the event (Chiedza) at the IAAF this year. You saw it in one of my Essence pictures (at the restaurant).

VOD said...

f-READ-om through ART
Intimate and Intense

Poets wait for 2nd Fridays
Holding their pens like lovers
Going away to war;
Listeners watch their calendars
Hoping they can magically move
The weeks forward...
Well wait no longer, THE INTIMATE AND INTENSE
EXPERIENCE you've been waiting for is here!
and just added, THE SMART PHONE SECTION!
Read a poem from your phone(and it wont count as poem in the open mic)

And our features are:

The Def Poetry Jam rocker, The educator, The light bulb that shows when you get an idea, The Flame behind the fuel:
Tara Betts

The humble mic/pad loiter-er, The Flame in an artistic Blackout, The Thinker, The calm after the torn:

New Time ladies and gents: Doors open at 8:00PM
This gives yall more of the sunshine to enjoy!

Mic and floor is open to anyone who wishes to dance, sing, or spit. Definition: SPIT: recite, read, rhyme, etc.
And your host, Brooklyn's own, ME- Poet/host/Chris Slaughter.

This Friday
August 8, 2008
Doors open @ 8:00PM (PLEASE arrive promptly)
$5 donation (but if you don't have it, don't worry, come anyway)
Brownstone Books
409 Lewis Ave.Brooklyn, NY11233
(Find us just off of the corner of Decatur St.)
A train to Utica

Your support over the years has been greatly appreciated.

VOD said...

Thursday, August 7, 7:30 pm, Springfield Park (184th St & 147 Ave) in Queens

asha said...

VOD, i'm from queens but even the chi-lites can't get me to go back any time soon, lol. nah, i kid...but i'm serious.