Friday, October 3, 2008

i heart...

the daily show and the colbert report. i truly appreciate their sarcasm and wit, not to mention their intelligence. here's one of my favorite correspondents on the daily show, larry wilmore. since you're reading this, i can assume that i don't need to give i?

but wait, it gets better. comedy central is getting blacker again (we still miss you, chappelle!).

chocolate news starring david alan grier premieres wednesday, october 15 at 10:30pm. you remember him from in living color (men on film, ceephus from ceephus & reecy) and boomerang? i tried to find a clip of him as maya angelou advertising froot loops, "those frooty loops of fruit", and butterfinger but all i could find was this guy in his head wrap (yes, it is a towel, lol).

final thought...i know we all know that this was satire but i hope some people don't actually believe this. obama for president!

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