Friday, October 10, 2008

happy friday and all of that good ish. do i sound happy or what? lol. nah, i'm good, considering that this has been an extremely draining week. i would love to just curl up on my couch and only get up to get in my bed this weekend but the weather will be too beautiful to stay indoors. here are a few things that i remember.

join new yorkers in the know for food prepared by top chefs and drinks made by celebrity mix-masters (read: bartenders) at the new york city wine and food festival this weekend. this festival will also include "an all-you-can sip and eat grand tasting you need tickets); and tours, panels, how-tos (and tequila) throughout the meatpacking district (cheap and free). get hungry. and thirsty."

shecky's girls nite out is a shopping party at which you'll have access to "100 emerging designers on sale, sample new products and services, and sip complimentary cocktails".

if you decide to stay in, there's something for you too. everyone's fav undercover freak, zane, is premiering her sex chronicles on cinemax. tune in to see what some of her more popular characters are up to.

if you're up for shakin' your ass while you peruse the hot new fashions, meet me at frank white's party.

go check out some pop-art at the gallery at exotic homes & gardens in brooklyn. artist jean patrick icart-pierre will be showing some of his mixed media art from now through the end of the month. the name of the venue only has me peaked my curiosity.

i can't remember anything else going on which is a result of this stressful week so please share if you know of other fun places to go, people to see and things to do.

credit: daily candy, social diva, the minority report nyc

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Janelle said...

I'm going to Shecky's this week. I love the shopping. The free cocktails and the deluxe goodie bag never hurt either. LOL

tag you're it! ;) (check the blog)