Thursday, October 16, 2008

quirks make the world go round (at least in my head)

after running into janelle (one of my fam from hampton) on our alumni site, i went through the new process - friend requests on myspace & facebook, posting that first wall-to-wall comment and checking out and then subscribing to her blog (refuge of a butterfly). as suspected, reading her backposts shamed me for not writing more regularly, but that's a story for another time.

a few days ago, i received my ROAB subscription and was promptly TAGGED!

the rules are:

Link back to the person who tagged you
Mention the rules on your blog
Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
Tag 6 following bloggers by linking to them
Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers blogs letting them know they've been tagged

so, here it goes.
here are some of my quirks. if you know me well, you know that i have no problems sharing quirks but i will have difficulty limiting myself, lol.

My 6 Quirks

  1. I only write in black, medium point pen. I cannot do blue of any point or black fine (my handwriting looks spidery to me. ugh) and I only use red when I'm editing my unit's work. I know that they hate my red pen because on more than one occasion, it's gone missing. hmmm.

  2. i share a quirk with janelle. i too pack my groceries into a tight rectangle on the conveyor belt at the grocery store BUT i group the groceries the way I'd pack them. for instance, all boxes first, cans next, bottles follow, bags next, then vegetables, dairy and finally meats. AND i prefer to pack my own groceries. i distribute multiples of items to balance the bags.

  3. i never take the first or last bite of anyone's food. i don't know. i just feel that you should get to taste your food before i do and you shold enjoy your last. it's a respect thing for me and by no means do i mean to imply that i think i'm about to be poisoned, lol.

  4. when i buy cds and movies (yes, i still buy them occasionally and i guess that could be considered a quirk nowadays), i prefer to open them when i watch them. my bf just rips all of them open as soon as we get home, leaving pieces of tape and sales stickers on and that drives me crazy! i open them neatly and take my time to peel the security tape off, kinda like how i unwrap gifts. i know that i try to find pretty paper and use that satin scotch tape (it's the BEST!) so my gifts always come out looking professional. i would hate to see my present ripped open all savage-like so i open mine as gently as i would want my gifts to be opened.

  5. i do not like for someone else to read my magazines or books before i do. when i get my monthly subscription to essence (or the now-defunct honey & suede), i like to luxuriate. i get cozy on my couch with a drink and i peruse the pages leisurely. my son knows that this is mommy time and usually gets into whichever new comic book he has earned. i also can't stand when the mailperson bends up my magazine and tries to stuff it into the mail slot instead of opening the mailbox. i've been known to go out and buy another copy from the newstand.

  6. and i do not eat watermelon. ever since i was little, it just felt wrong to me and when i was older and finally realized what those old loony tunes cartoons meant, it just confirmed what i felt. i can't do watermelon. no watermelon slices or chunks in august, no watermelon jolly ranchers when i was in junior h.s., and no watermelon martinis now that i'm grown.

now that i've shared some of my personal crazy, i want to hear yours. spill it!

pH, aja, insiah, ali, kenji, and finally janelle - you're it!

yes, i know that this is silly considering all that's going on in the world but we can still make time to smile.

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