Tuesday, February 24, 2009

and i'm back...

hey fam. i know most of you have been wondering where i've been. you haven't seen me at that afterwork event and i haven't made it to any of the girls' nights out this season. no calls, IMs or texts. you haven't even really seen me online. no facebook updates, no blogs and very few comments. well fam, it's been a little crazier than usual over the past few months and it seems like it may get a little bit rougher before it's all done.

if you don't remember, i work in social services. i supervise a team of social workers who provide services to families in crisis in east harlem to help keep their children safe at home. anyway, i was informed this past friday that my unit, along with two others at another site, will be closed, as of 6/30/09. details were sketchy and we were invited to a Q&A on monday. well, monday dealt us another blow. we were told that our units may be closing sooner than 6/30. of course, the administrators extended their condolences and expressed their frustrations with "the system" but at the end of the day, we're still out of a job in a few months.

the news really wasn't a surprise to me, given the state of the economy and how that affects the budget for social services but moreso because i had been fighting what seemed on most days to be a losing battle to improve the quality of work my unit produces. i was not surprised and honestly, when the word came down, i was somewhat relieved. a weight was lifted from my shoulders and i was allowed to think about developing my consultant business. i will still put my resume out there but i can't see myself working for someone else much longer. i'm looking to the entrepreneurs in my family (mother nature's belly) and among my friends (guess who's coming to cook corp., belle noir magazine, at least two hairstylists, one fashion stylist, a few publishers writers - congrats to ab on her latest book, and that intrepid screenplay writer out there in hollywood) for inspiration.

i'm fleshing out a few ideas and reality-testing a few others so stay tuned for news about my consultant business and the services i will be providing. in the meantime, if you hear of a job that you think i'd be interested in, please share. if you'd like to see my resume so that you will be more familiar with my work history, i'll gladly send you a copy.

thanks for checking on me when i was M.I.A. thanks for helping me see the silver lining and encouraging me to push forward through the drama toward my goals. thanks for reminding me that i'm a survivor and that i will get through this.

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VOD said...

Best wishes to you. See it as a blessing in disguise. Save every penny. And if you don't get a job right away, enjoy the time off.