Sunday, April 25, 2010

hey. i wish i could come up with a witty greeting to welcome you back or to reintroduce myself but all i can seem to manage is a simple "hey". it's been too long, people. almost a year. and what has been keeping me away? well, everything and nothing. so much has happened over the past several months that i should have written at least two books but it has been hell trying to process the experience in a way that i could get it down on paper (or in this case, ready to post). while sometimes the words don't fit in my mouth, lately it seems as if words were too weak to define...wait, i'm getting caught up in jessica care moore and the purple one's lyrics. you get the point though.

at times, there was so much going on that the most natural way to cope would have been to write but i couldn't seem to focus the swarm of emotion into coherent words. wordplay turned to a battle of words that wore on my nervous system, causing tension headaches verging on migraines. i know my blood pressure is elevated and what that could mean and so, that becomes yet another thing to worry about. calm on the surface but throbbing, pulsating, crashing waves beneath. i know i needed a release and soon or else i was liable to implode or explode and God help the innocent bystanders.

so here i am, a bubbling cauldron of ___________waiting to be stirred lest i boil over and scauld someone. if you're reading this, i assume that you're ready for the journey and wherever it may lead so lift the lid and let's get this going.

p.s. please leave comments so i know that you're there.


BBM said...

hey love! wanted to stop by and say thx for following my lil blog! i really appreciate it and good luck on the giveaway!


Ms. Aja B. said...

Welcome back! *hugs*

asha said...

thanks aja. it feels good to be back. i see you on twitter.