Sunday, June 21, 2009

to all the men that i've ever loved...

if i've ever made you feel like you had to make up for the sins of my father, i apologize.

Can I talk to you, baby

When I was a little girl
I didn't have a father
And that's why I'm leaning on you..
When I was a baby
I didn't get a hug from daddy
That's why I need a hug from you..

Ohh, It's not easy and
I thank you for putting up with me
When you don't have a daddy's love

To say that you...
To say that I'm your little girl
(Are his little girl, Oh why didn't you love me)
And give you the love..(I need love yeah yeah yeah)
you really deserve (And i believe I deserve it And that's why

That's why I need, The father in you
(I need the father in you, baby)
That's why I need, (Please don't hurt me please)
The father in you
That's why I need (Oh that's why)
The father in you (Really need you)
That's why I need (Please be true)
The father in you

Oh, things got bad, to the point
Where mommy couldn't hold us down
And that's when it hurt me so much
To see her, To see her cry
(Oh don't cry, momma don't cry momma)
Each and every night
(We're gonna be alright that's what I used to say)
I said that some day
That I would try to take his place
But it was too hard;
It was so hard trying to be a man and a woman
And that's why I need the father in you

That's why I need, (oh I needed)
The father in you, (I put my trust on you)
That's why I need, (Please don't let me domn)
The father in you.
That's why I need,
The father in you (I need the father in you)
That's why I need (Hold my hand)
The father in you


Because we never had one at home
(No No No) As a little girl...
So I understand, why daddy couldn't be there
Cause it's so obvious nobody taught him, how to be father to me
Oh and I'm not sayin this
to reminisce on the past
I'm just saying this to make you understand, That I needed a father
And this is my problem
This is why I couldn't keep no one
This is why I couldn't stay alone
I was so scared alone
Every woman needs a man
And I don't think she understands
That she really needs a father
The father in you, my brother
She really needed the father
The father in you.
When your wife is speaking fellas
Pay attention,Yeah,don't ignore her
No,no,no I really need the father in you.
- MJB "Father in You"

i love mary, god knows i do. she's the truth and she usually tells the truth. but i don't want my lover to be my daddy. i want joe, the man that my mother used to love, to be my daddy. fortunately, he's still alive so i have an opportunity to build some kind of relationship with him. i've started and stopped but i need to be more consistent. i called him today (i usually call him on his birthday too). i stumbled over how to greet him and how to identify myself but settled on calling him daddy and referring to myself as "norma's kim". [sidenote: i have several half siblings and share the same first name (and middle initial i believe) as one of my older sisters and one of her daughters. maybe that's one of the reasons why i don't like to be called kim. hmmm...]

i have no poetic prose or jokes today. simply, be a father to your children. women, don't get in the way. children, know that someone loves you. their title does not matter.


Love Warriors said...

Here here (on your post). Just stopped through to offer a very belated thank you for taking the time to comment on my "Bad Blood" article on CLUTCH, sis. It meant a lot to me. I couldn't remember if I ever thanked you or just meant to, so either way...Asante, lady:) A.C.

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