Tuesday, March 25, 2008

guess who's back...

it's been a long time, i shouldn't left you
without a strong rhyme to step to...

hey y'all. i know, i know. it's been over a month since my last
post and let's face it, that was verging on lady sings the blues. sorry. all i can give you is me - the good, the bad, the debaucherous, the sometimes sarcastic, ugly, manic and depressive. *shrug & sigh* expect a lot more posts soon.

anyway, spring is officially here and soon the weather will cooperate and we all know what that means...pretty dresses. flirty heels. sweet candy-colored lip gloss. and more brunch options, lol. while we wait for the sex and the city movie, we can definitely increase our girls' time. i love my girls, god knows i do, but i really wasn't trying to leave the comfort of my bed when it was brick out. **ang, no APBs needed. pH & yvee, don't hate me. and elle, please don't revoke my card!** in an attempt to get back in my girls' good graces, here is an opportunity for us to sip and chat.

monday started
brooklyn restaurant week. my aunt had to remind me. thanks aunt monica. luckily, after the lola dinner party, we still have the rest of the week to sip and chat at any of the 175 participating restaurants in brooklyn. so ladies, where are we going?

***aside: yes, i know my title's from one of scarface's hits and then i quoted rakim.***


Areason4livng said...

hey lady i guess i am moving on up. My first blog response ...anywhere...oooh I hope i spell right...um gotta get the right caps...and um punctuations.. Chile i am not all deep. Well.. i am moving on down. i ahave no idea what APB is. But i do know we need to hit bk restaurant week before it is over because we always say and never do. well all i have is facebook that i have no idea how to work. well later with love

Ms. Aja B. said...

Hi Asha!

Spring certainly is here, although the weather isn't saying so right now.

Brooklyn is such foreign territory to me...and I've lived in NYC all of my life. I will miss out on their restaurant week, but you have inspired me to look into when Bronx Restaurant Week is...

See you soon :)