Monday, August 4, 2008

i loves my people. god knows i do.

good morning fam. i hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, especially you yvee. happy birthday again. i know the canal room was rocking. anyway, today presents another chance for us to sip-n-chat. erykah badu will be performing at wingate. i don't know who will be opening for her though. the show is supposed to start at 7:30 pm but anyone who has been to one of her shows knows that she will be "fashionably" late. don't you be though. people will probably be lining up to get in around 5/5:30 so be there EARLY or just read about it tomorrow on everyone's blog. speaking of which, wasn't last thursday fun? dwele performed at south street seaport as part of the KISS FM summer sizzle concert series. it was sad & funny that the crowd was really only interested in hearing his old stuff. chauncey black (blackstreet) was supposed to open for him. i forgot the name of the guy who actually did. his performance was ok but the crowd was too busy stylin' & profilin' to show him much love. i want to thank all of the old playas and some of the younger playas (who aren't so young anymore) for the hours of jokes you provided. i mean, c'mon dude, are you serious?! men over 50, almost old enough to be my father, wearing doo-rags & fitted baseball caps/kangos (i purposefully left off the "l" because theirs were not real kangols and they were Lame) with an oversized white tee (or worse, a fat albert or biggie tee) and shorts that are really ankle-length kulotts, rockin' fuzzy cornrows OR their "classier" counterparts in the silky or linen pants suit with the dyed to match gators/open toed sandals and straw hats over ice t hard presses. seriously?! dude SERIOUSLY?!? one of my friends queried if they had seen "black in america" and still decided to wear whatever foolishness they had on. (kudos to all my brothas who kept it - i hate to say it - grown & sexy. you know the ones that came straight from work with their summer suits and briefcases and their...wait, another story, another time.) but the men were not alone in the nonsense but i have made a conscientious decision not to comment on the, lol. anyway, foolishness aside, red alert had the crowd dancing and singing along and all in all, it felt good to see black folk smiling. i hope to see more of that today at wingate. see you there.

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