Friday, April 17, 2009

i got you stuck off the realness...

the single girl over at parlour magazine had me rollin' yesterday with her post, entitled "dickmatized". it's a mouthful, isn't it? ha!

While women have proven to be strong, leaders and rationale all coolness escapes once they’ve been turned out by a man who has managed to eff them so good they start to lose brain cells.

Cleopatra killed herself.

Monica Lewinsky kept a souvenir.

The Astronaut bitch drove for hours and pissed in diapers.

Lauyrn Hill…need I say more?

And the newest attention to the juicy got ‘em crazy crew is…Cassie.

single girl proceeded to share a story about a friend of hers who engaged in one of those high-speed "follow that car/cab" chases. all to give some guy who didn't seem that pressed a g'damn birthday cake. yes, it was funny but i'm pretty sure we could all remember a time when we acted a fool for that significant (or insignificant) other. so i said...
loved, Loved, LOVED this post, single girl. you had me literally LOL and nodding in agreement, as i remembered being under the spell myself. i’m happily in recovery but i know that relapse is possible. can i use your phrase?

most of the commenters were in agreement but one, in my opinion, took it a litte more seriously and gave me reason to pause.

Sorry, but this sounds like a bunch of young chicks that have not learned their true sexuality. How the hell do you let six to nine inches of temporary satisfaction make you shave your head, run after a man or piss in your pants?

Once women learn the power of the VULVA they will control their own minds…

and ya know? for the most part, i agree. but someone's game is always gonna better than yours and you may get caught slippin'. it happens to the best of us. it happened to me. not on some page 6 worthy level but i was out there nonetheless, acting a fool in ways that i can't bring myself to share right now. but, i recovered and learned valuable lessons. one of which was to remember the power of the almighty P. another lesson was to never settle. if you've been settling for Cs and someone hits you with a B+, chances are that you may get dickmatized, if only for a while.

thanks: the single girl, parlour magazine


VOD said...

Whoever wrote that serious comment, spoke plenty truth.

Love Warriors said...

Hi Asha!

I couldn't find your email, but I just wanted to thank YOU for your beautiful feedback on CLUTCH. Asante to YOU TOO, for sharing your experience:)


asha said...

hey a.c., thanks for stopping by my blog. that really means a lot to me. when you get a chance, please read my post entitled "kiss from a rose". it ties into your piece on clutch. much success on your blog. i look forward to adding it to my must-read list.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.