Wednesday, May 20, 2009

when a woman's fed up...

"Wife, 78, allegedly beats man over old affair". Read the article here.

my friend tui shared this story on facebook. i'll admit it. i laughed a little when i read the headline. but after drafting this post, i realized that it's not as funny as i thought. it's actually kinda sad. this woman held onto her suspicions which obviously caused bitterness and resentment (to say the least) for 35 years. 35 years!!! 35 YEARS!!! i know that she comes from that "stand by your man" and "do it for the kids" generation but damn. 35 YEARS?!?!?!?! how many times could she have started over in 35 years? how many opportunities did she miss because she was holding on to her cheating man? i can't even imagine how angry she must've felt when she realized that she had wasted 35 years. well, i guess that was the reason for the assault. (side note: i am happy that she even had the strength to do the damage she did) i do not advocate violence and there were so many other things she could have done in 35 years but i hope she can get out of jail soon.

thanks: msnbc via tui and facebook

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VOD said...

I hope she gets out of jail quickly. Serves his ass right.

Too many people make excuses for their cheating ass behavior and that bothers me on so many levels. No one is perfect, but come on. :-|

*off to share on FB*